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Mrejo then moved to Pretoria late in the year 2005 to look for greener pastures. He worked as a sales consultant at a clothing store named Urban Degree while trying to raise money for studio time. The job did not help much as it was very hectic thus keeping him away from doing what he loved best. In his heart, music was always a number one passion even though he did not find time for it. He decided to take a break after working at a clothing store for a year. Mrejo could not afford to be part of the cashless society and again he went for a day job and this time it was at MTN shop. He thought things will be better but in 2009 he lost his job due to his undying love of music. He then started to go up and down in Pretoria showcasing his talent at a few places like House 22 (on Thursday sessions), Club Times 4, Club Europa and Sky Bar in Durban.

In 2010 Mrejo decided to go solo and he started working with Nigerian jazz-afrobeat saxophone player, Olufemi. Mrejo was then featured on one track for Olufemi’s Loxion Praise gospel compilation. Mrejo also had an opportunity to work with the famous Zola of the Zola 7 TV show. Zola also featured Mrejo on a song, which will be released on Zola’s next project. The then annual North West Cultural Calabash Main Festival 2010 also saw Mrejo sharing the stage with the likes of Guffy, Dj Cleo, Chommi, Jozi and Thas-Man among others.

Today Mrejo’s musical journey has improved his artwork and he has since been regarded as a motswako lyricist of note by the likes of DJ Lemonka, DJ HK, HHP and Zola. Namibian’s well-traveled international singer Elemotho, was thrilled by Mrejo’s music as well and he vowed to write a song for Mrejo. He wishes to collaborate with Mrejo in future.

Mrejo has already completed work on his debut album to be released in 2013. The album is based on his personal journey through challenging times in the business and will be titled ‘1000 Reflections’ as a metaphor to someone looking at himself on a shattered mirror. This project is a personal look at the ups and downs he faced on his road to success and will forever communicate messages of hope and inspiration to those following in his footsteps.

Mrejo is also a co-founder of Pro5Media PTY (LTD) (a one stop media solution company) and he enjoys every opportunity to be in the studio working on his music.